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Life Members Bullsbrook Hash House Harriers

Bullsbrook Hash Harriers occasionally rewards long standing, hard working members, who have displayed deeds of heroism, sacrifice and consistent contribution, or they have just been around a bloody long time, with the honour of Life Membership. The down side is they can never again say that they are no longer with Bullsbrook! Why would we do such a thing, go to bottom of page and find out more. These fine examples of Hashmen are bestowed with a resplendent badge that they wear proudly at all times.

(Founding Member)

Main culprit/conspirator for founding Bullsbrook Hash House Harriers. Couldn't help himself when returning from Butterworth. Remains a revered figure not only in Bullsbrook but amongst most Perth based hashes. Popular with everyone and is wanted by local authorities for aiding and abetting the establishment of additional hash clubs. Due to his love of vagrancy, has intermittently been absent from Bully Hash also lags in the run record chase. Was the first to be awarded Life Membership of this glorious mob.


Not a founding member but began in our first year. Something of a stalwart of the club Fitzall was the second recipient of Life Membership. Well known for being able to conjure up storm clouds at a moments notice, only covering the immediate area. Racked up 1000 runs in March 2001, the first to do so and current run record holder. Last happy in 1977 when Perth won their last Premiership, just don't mention 1978!


Another one who has hung around for a bloody long time. Always keen to lend a hand but legendary for his ability make you do all the work! Can sniff a bargain from a mile off, which in itself is a feat as he nose is so bloody close to the ground. And he never has a dog that is above his waist height, so this restricts the potential field to Chihuahuas and similar size beasts.


Talk about not going away! Elvis has been around as long as anyone cares to remember, if you are like Orig you have been lucky enough to forget! Has been known to whinge on the odd occasion but will help out after having his bleat. Often seen with a camera in hand, but rarely does he have live batteries. Responsible for remembering most of Bullsbrook Hash history, so you can see why we can't remember much.


Another old bastard that just won't piss off. So named cos he is just %$#$ Orrible! Loud, always willing to share his opinion, no matter how much you don't want to know and he knows just how much TPI pensions can be.

(Founding Member)

One of the originals, hence his name. Co-conspirator with Doglover on getting us started. Suffering from extreme dementure whilst also on ADD medication, can be subject to fits of violence and paranoia. Concentrates aggression on standing GMs. Don't know how old he really is but did compare new years eve 1999 to the previous change of the century.

No picture as he is scared that his spirit may be trapped.


Didn't start early enough to be a founding member. Well known for his high standard of dress shorts when running, fully ventilated and all. Dulcet tones when singing and a true Scotsman at heart.


added 16/01/2012

Not an original but not far off it. Well known for, well, not much at all really. He is quiet, unassuming and, well, just there. And a lot. Has over 1200 runs when life membership awarded and has done most jobs on the committee. Still plodding along as he did on his first run way back in March 1978

Why would we do such a thing? Well, as the story goes, some fool thought that long standing Bullsbrook hashers, probably having committed the sins of 1000 plus runs (not hard fast requirement), been on the cummittee multiple times and is thought of as always making a contribution towards our hash being more enjoyable (yuk) was deserving of recognition. Initially one of our founding members stayed around far too long and he decided to move on, in recognition of his efforts and because we were hopeful we would never see him again, he was offered life membership out of respect. Well bugger me if he didn't come back. Anyhow, we have it now and it will probably be awarded to anyone stupid enough to run many hundreds of times with us and always wanting to help out and in a terrible need to certify their foolishness


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